Day Programs & Employment

Our focus is to provide a wide range of employment and day time options to the individuals we serve. Through our yearly Person Centered Planning sessions we ensure that we are working towards the individual’s chosen set of goals. This can include anything from finding a new job, accessing social opportunities, attending skill development classes, joining local clubs or working towards retirement.

The options we offer include:

Supported Employment

Taylor at worksiteThis program's focus is on supporting individuals to find competitive paid employment. Once employment is secured, Job Developers support the individual to become as independent as possible at their job while encouraging the development of natural work place supports. The Job Developers long term involvement is based on the individual's support needs & continued funding.

Signature also operates 2 bottle depots and Swan Industries – a woodwork business. Our clients are given the opportunity to apply for employment in these businesses as positions become available.

The Employment Program also offers Skill Development Classes on a wide variety of topics such as Interview Skills, Self Advocacy, Rights & Responsibilities, Community Awareness, Healthy Life Styles, etc.

Community Connections Learning & Leisure

This program is designed to offer a variety of educational & skill development opportunities, as well as leisure support and the opportunity for time to connect with peers. Many clients use this site as a base from which they access the community for social and employment opportunities.

Examples of CCLL activities include Meal Prep & Cooking Classes, Healthy Eating, Art Classes, Novel Study, Volunteer Opportunities, Computer Training, etc.

Day Activity Program

Christina at Medical OfficeThis program is designed to serve individuals with higher needs. The program's focus is on the development of life and social skills, personal care, communication, community awareness, participation in leisure activities and the opportunity for introduction to work. Many individuals in this program participate in part time volunteer work and/or employment opportunities.

Individually Funded Programs

In these programs the individuals have 1:1 staff support. The program content varies and can include behavioural support, employment support, community access, etc. Individuals with these supports often participate part time in one of the other program options as well.

Social Events

Day Programs recognizes and is responsive to the social needs of the individuals we serve. For those employed we encourage and support their participation in company events and social gatherings. We also have our own events such as an annual Christmas party, summer picnic, social gatherings, barbeques, etc. These are very popular and well attended.


Contact: Sandra Alstad
780-532-8436 (ext. 224)